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A Leadership Program for New Ventures

At the core of a start-up entrepreneur is a need to see success, the validation of his/her belief.

Even more important is the need to have the confidence of a support system, a system that will empower the entrepreneur in his/her pursuit of success.

CIAM’s program for New Ventures is facilitated by entrepreneurs who have the priceless experience of successfully overcoming the struggles of the early stages of an enterprise. The program sessions, designed as workshops, create a group learning experience for the participants as they apply the learning, share the experiences and reflect on differing perspectives.

The CFE is a curriculum for early stage and start-up entrepreneurs from diverse sectors.   The program focuses on developing critical leadership competencies essential for success. The extended engagement of the entrepreneur with the CFE ensures implementation of the learning constructively.

The CFE will focus on:

  • Self awareness and developing leadership competencies
  • Analyzing the identified opportunity
  • Developing a successful business model

What can the CFE do for you?

  • Discover and develop leadership competencies required for the success of your          enterprise
  • Provide you a framework to identify real entrepreneurial opportunities for YOU
  • Connect you to an ecosystem of entrepreneurs supporting each other in learning and growth
  • Learn from the best entrepreneurial and management practices prevalent across the world distilled into practical frameworks
  • Emerge out with a definitive Business Plan

Course framework of the Leadership development program for a new venture:

  • Entrepreneurial Leadership
  • Identifying and analyzing opportunities around your business idea
  • Creativity in Decision Making
  • Innovation
  • Identifying customers and markets
  • Developing customer orientation
  • Developing and fine tuning the business model
  • Structuring a company for longevity
  • Crafting a business plan
  • Execution of the business plan
  • Communications
  • "Pitching" the value proposition to all stakeholders and customers
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Creating the network
  • Raising and managing money


  • Access to a group of highly committed and experienced entrepreneurs and senior managers committed to participants learning and growth
  • Workshop format - interactive and intense sessions which enable customization to the specific needs of the participants
  • Learning by applying
  • Network – meet, work with and learn from the business leaders of today
  • Coaching – to assess, challenge and set goals for yourself

Learning Methodology:

CIAM believes that learning is by applying. The participants are encouraged to:

  • know, apply and share for an effective learning experience
  • identify and reflect on the best entrepreneurial practices
  • collaborate to find solutions

The participants in the CFE will be engaged with the program for 3 months. It is this ‘methodology’ that will allow the participants to completely imbibe the learnings from the program and apply it in their respective organizations. The CFE sessions are visualized as a forum for the participants to:

  • reflect on their ideas
  • identify the opportunities around entrepreneurial ideas
  • create a business plan designed for success