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Darshan Bhat

Founding Director of CIAM and an entrepreneur himself,shares about the unique learning context of an entrepreneur and how they 'learn ' in the Owner Manager Program(OMP).

Rattan Chugh

He is one of the core faculty at OMP(ex CEO of Fidelity International's Business in India).Founder of Cornerstone , a fast growing financial services, here he shares why an entrepreneur would want to do a program like this.

Rachna Chawla

A core faculty at OMP , previously vice president at iDiscoveri education managing the team building practice and a Lead Faculty with the Leadership Practice, she  shares how challenging this experience of enabling the learning of a group of entrepreneurs has been for her.

J.B Hooda

One of the partcipants in the Owner Manager Program, J.B is a successful entrepreneur ( his company Progression operates in the IT segment ) .Here he shares how the program has helped him get newer perspectives  and grow his business.

Pawan Sood

A partcipant in the OMP , he is the Operations Director at Creatnet Services(the company is into product development and sourcing of hi-fashion garments for European Market) . Here he shares how the program has helped him become an effective leader.


News & Events

CIAM at the TiEcon 2012

CIAM participated in TiEcon 2012 on the 28th & 29th of September '12 at the Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi as an exhibitor. It was exciting to meet and converse with the delegates at the conference and understand the leaning needs they experience

News at CIAM

Successfully engaged with the inaugural batch of CFE consisting of early stage entrepreneurs from diverse sectors. Currently engaged with the 4th batch of the OMP

launching the 7th batch of the OMP

Announcing the launch of the next batch of the OMP in Janurary '15


Diagram of CIAM Learning Model

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