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Creatnet Institute of Applied Management

"What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing."


Creatnet Institute of Applied Management (CIAM) is an educational organization enabling learning and growth for entrepreneurs.


  • is involved in research and practice of education for entrepreneurs
  • conducts a pioneering group learning program for entrepreneurs
  • is a network of extraordinary people and institutions
  • incubates and supports entrepreneurs/ideas in applied education

CIAM currently offers:

  • Owner Manager Program (OMP) - a management program for entrepreneurs
  • Curriculum for Entrepreneurs (CFE) - a leadership program for new ventures
  • Coaching for alumni entrepreneurs
  • Modular Programs for developing key leadership and managerial competencies

News & Events

CIAM at the TiEcon 2012

CIAM participated in TiEcon 2012 on the 28th & 29th of September '12 at the Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi as an exhibitor. It was exciting to meet and converse with the delegates at the conference and understand the leaning needs they experience

News at CIAM

Successfully engaged with the inaugural batch of CFE consisting of early stage entrepreneurs from diverse sectors. Currently engaged with the 4th batch of the OMP

launching the 7th batch of the OMP

Announcing the launch of the next batch of the OMP in Janurary '15


Diagram of CIAM Learning Model

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Client Testimonials

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“OMP has not only given me access to some fantastic facilitators, but also to many other entrepreneurs who believe in sharing their insights... Read more
“Slowly realized that if I delegate and put trust in the team it empowers the team. Am thankful to the group and the facilitators for sharin... Read more
“At the time of joining the OMP I was doubtful about committing a year to the course. Now I realize that this time is required to correlate ... Read more